The ICTSGS was started by Prof. Dr. Hidemitsu Furukawa and Prof. Dr. Ajit Khosla of Yamagata University Japan in 2021. The vision of this conference is to empower SDGs. Bringing awareness and engaging the community is the Key. In order to achieve this, through this platform, we would be engaging in a meaningful interaction among ―students, scientific community, academia, industry to work towards & develop technological solutions that will accelerate the process of Ecosystem restoration (forest and landscape restoration) and other SDGs.

By developing a meaningful partnership with the UN FAO we envision to:

Galvanize the scientific and academic community to work towards attaining SDGs.

Create awareness within academia and industry regarding Ecosystem restoration.

Encourage academia and industry to develop technologies to accelerate innovation towards attainment of Ecosystem restoration and SDGs.

Engage a thought-provoking dialogue with experts from UN FAO, academia and industry to: a) Challenges that lie ahead for attainment of Ecosystem restoration b) Define a road map and campaign to bring awareness c) Define the technology requirements for the cause of Ecosystem restoration.

To act as a platform to engage the global scientific community together by organizing one conference every year in partnership with ECS and IoP.