​Peer Review Policies:

  1. All articles will undergo peer-review as per the established norms by the publisher.

  2. The ICTSGS conference abides by the norms established by COPE: Committee of Publication Ethics 

  3. The conference only gives the authors/participants a window of opportunity to publish their articles.

  4. Payment of registration fee does not guarantee acceptance. 

  5. The registration fee is utilized by the organizers to cover the expenses to host the conference.

  6. The fee upon acceptance of article(s) for conference proceedings has to be paid by the authors.

  7. Communications regarding rejections will not be entertained by the conference committee or organizers.

  8. The conference committee reserves the right to reject the articles if the formatting standards set by the publishers are not met by the authors.

  9. The conference committee reserves the right to reject the articles if the reviewer comments are not addressed by the authors within the stipulated time-frame .

  10. Availing the author editing services only increases the chances of acceptance, it does not guarantee the acceptance of the articles.

Fee waiver Policies:

Fee waivers are available for students from Economically weaker sections as defined by:

Low-income country group as defined by the World bank: Click for the list

Decisions on Acceptances, Rejections, Reviews, Oral presentations, and Awards:

The ICTSGS schedule and program is announced by chairs and secretariat based on the recommendations made by the committee. The secretariat reserves the right to make recommendations to the chair either through a democratic vote or recommendations based on the expert opinion or disregard the committee recommendations altogether.